Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Site!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Here's some work in progress pics of devastator. He finally stands on his own. Fully articulated and very huge. He's the biggest one ever - 15½ inches tall! Next up, I plan to fix cosmetics (ie make joints hidden and more attractive, add his head, chest plate, etc) I also have several LED lights and sound kits I intend to add. Then, the best part - the paint job. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ultra Magnus Car Carrier

You wondered where all that armor went? Well, here it is! This 17" long car_carrier magnetically attached to the Ultra Magnus Truck, and creates a whopping 27" long transformer!!

It's even the perfect size to fit Transformers Legends cars! All Ultra Magnus's Super Mode armor and weapons fit snug on magnets and ball joints. Let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Autobot: Ultra Magnus

He's basically made from a LDR class prime, removed and replaced all the red/yellow with dark metallic blue, silver or white.
He was painted 100% with enamels, you can see how nice enamel metallics come out. The white is a extremely high gloss finish, and smooth as a new car surface, it was even polished with wax.
All the silver metallic parts were quite simple. I started with a coat of flat black fusion as my base coat. Then generously drybrushed gunship gray over that (a dark gray, about 70% black) That was followed by a drybrush of a neutral gray (about 50% black) and then highlighted (very very light dry brush) of plain silver....oh, then highlighted again, to emphasize the highlights.
The blue was 'olds ford blue' i believe, and I mixed in about 1:10 metallic red into that (it's really a deep deep purple)
All the truck mode chrome was airbrushed with Alclad.
For the armor, I base coated those with fusion red pepper, then put on a few coats of Krylon metallic red. (forgot actual name but it was X-metal or something random like that) Drybrushed some silver on the edges (to give the metal a worn look) and then coated with Testors pearl finish, then gloss finish)
The autobot symbol on the hood was stenciled from some 3M vinyl (I have this EPS file if anyone would like it, it has a variety of autobot symbols on the sheet and should cost a few bucks to make at a local sign shop...tutorial to come)

I replaced the smokestacks with the same technique I wrote about in a tutorial a while back, but this time, cut the tops on a slight angle to look more like a big rig. Once I get my new site live, I plan to have several cool tutorials.
The should missle launchers were from Primus, dremeled to fit. I made ½ inch holes on the interiors, which I glued in and plugged with those ZOID rubber thingys. These guys are so versitile. The ball joint fits tight and snug in the zoid socket.
The gun was from a GI JOE sigma six Joe Duke figure. it winds up and the barrels move in and out.
The forearm armor is left over kibble from my devastator custom. They come from Unicron's feet (i think the back heel part) they snap onto the forearms of Magnus, and are held in place with tiny magnets (they aren't moving)
The leg armor is from Armada Optimus's trailer (the top part) they were dremeled and fitted with a hinging latch that snaps onto a magnet on the outside of the leg. The armor is also magneticallty held by the knee pad (small metal on the autobot symbol)
The chest plate was made from payload's neck and collar part. I took off the cyclops head. This part is held on by a magnet and click
The waist armor is from the ever-so-versitile neo-shifter kit, just a random peice, and has 2 bling jewels on it (costume jewels) this part is also held on by magnet.
The head is from a cement truck transformer knock off. the wings on the sides of the head are from the zoid t-red back scales.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Decepticon: Brawl (now on ebay!)

Leader class decepticon Brawl, which stands about 12" tall in robot mode. The figure has been meticulously detailed with 14 shades of military green, an array of metallic colors, and many other colors. EVERY detail is painted to perfection... even the underside of the main turret. Dirt, sand, mud, and grime have been added to the tank's treads and front areas. All 'battle damage" was carefully added on using special apoxy materials, tools, and more, giving it a very accurate damaged and burnt look. Some damage even has color-accurate energon blood (the Transformers' version of blood, but glowing, and blue) All paints used in the process were 100% enamels, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't leave throw it around!) I finished him off with some Testor's clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations. Definite collectible for G1 and movie fans alike.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sneak Peek: Omega Supreme

I'm loving how this guy is coming out. He's menacing (almost as tall as my Devastator)
but hey, it's Omega Supreme. He's about 70% complete and a commission. As always, he's painted in 100% enamel paint, so he won't chip and peel like acrylics or car paint. ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Deception: Sunstorm!

Here's a commission I recently finished. The original figure was colored silver and gray. I've got a few more almost ready to show on here, so stay tuned!
Anyway...enjoy, and feel free to comment!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Custom Quintesson

One of the biggest pains in the ass with this guy was the egg looking thing they all 'clip' onto. It was so bland. I sanded it nice and smooth and then layed on MANY small plastic 'shingle' rectangles and squares. Painted those with a black primer, and worked my way up to Neutral Gray highlights. To ice that cake, I sprayed a light coat of Testor's "pearl finish" which is quite nice stuff. It gives a pearl sheen to the paint sprayed onto, which looks like a slight metallic overtone. I painted the ovals with a good 5-6 coats of chrome yellow, and highlighted those with a mixture of yellow + white. I also added some spikes up on the top to give him more of a grim appearance. The faces were quite challenging. Many of them lack detail and needed a little help from Apoxie sculpt. On RAGE (the red face) I sculpted new horns and teeth. For LAUGHTER (redish head ornament with hands on face) I added a gem to his crown, nice and shiney.) DOUBT (spike head) was a pain in the ass, I recreated all his head spikes, and added some bulk to his non-existant eyeballs. I was impressed with the way the face of DEATH came out (sphinx looking one) Only using paint, I created brain looking areas on the top sides of his head and coated those with a high gloss varnish, so it looks like his brain is in a glass bubble.

Custom Starscream

Here's my custom Starscream. Only some slight mods on this one. I shortened the canons on his forearms and added some claws from "Neo-Shifters", a KO lego set I found at Toys R Us. The hands are detachable and firmly stay in place using earth magnets (Some people call these "rare earth magnets", yet I don't understand, because I see them for sale everywhere)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Custom Smokescreen

Smokescreen is now on Ebay

Smokescreen was built off a TFTM Jazz figure, G1 reco mold. His head comes from Armada Blurr, with some slight alterations. In order to compete against the spring on the head section, I installed a small peg behind his chest plate, this ensures that the head area and neck stay on a straight angle. Jazz's 'hands' were no good, so I dremeled them off at the wrists. I drilled into the wrist a tight hole for a steel rod, and attached Gundam model fists onto the rods. They are articulated (spin) yet remain very tight. I removed some of the detail in his knee area, filled it in with some apoxie sculpt and painted with a deep metallic-red high gloss enamel. The pistols he weilds are from a clearance toy found at WalMart. I had the decals for the hood and doors custom made using a high quality 3M vinyl. The exterior was painted with Krylon Fusion Red and Blue, then robot mode was painted with about 99% enamels, so the finish is very durable. I finished him off with some Testors clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


D E V A S T A T O R ! ! !
Inspired by Ptitvite on the TFW2005 board, He's made from 5 individual contructicons who've all be given extra features, articulation, head redesigns, and much more.

All constructicons easily 'snap' onto specially made joints and sockets, to form this 16" tall menace.

Fully articulated, his waist turns, shoulders, forearms, lower legs full 360degree movement. Currently I am working on the lighting and sound 'system' he will have. He will make noises, and light up certain features all over, using custom LED set ups. A lot of time has gone into this bad boy, but in the end (soon, i hope) it will be worth it.

Due to several increasing interests, I am now taking bids on this monster. Please send your bid and information to my gmail account mikeysandiego@gmail.com

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I'm getting a lot of PMs asking where people can see my most current work. Well, I commonly post on TFW2005 boards, which are the best TF custom boards around. Minimal banner adds and minimal SonRay (some broke dude who's clueless about art...period) It's a good thing.

Back on topic, I have close to completion a handful of customs. Due to working 70+ hours a week, free time to complete these is limited, but..here's the list, pictures will follow soon. please comment if you'd like to.

· G1 style Smokescreen (commission for member: Nemisis Prime)
· G1 style quintesson (non-commission)
· G1 Devastator (inspired by Ptitvite)
· Sunstorm (commissioned)
· Commissioned LDR prime
· Chrome Jazz
· Final Battle Brawl
· Final Battle Megatron
· Ironhide (commission for Hollywood film writer)
· Ratchet (commission for Hollywood film writer)
· Protoform Arcee
· Barricade (commission for Hollywood film writer)

· and of course Masterpeice Grimlock (seen above)

Most of these are 100% complete, pending photo shoots, others are 80%+
I'll keep this blog current as possible, so keep coming back!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

protoform arcee (wip)

This custom is a major pain in the butt, but real challenging and fun. So here's my digital conceptual rendering for her.

...to begin with, I took all the masculine looking features off, trimmed the legs and arms, and dremeled the hell out of the thighs and chest. I needed a better head than protoform optimus's, it wasn't gonna work, so I bought the Target exclusive arcee, hoping to use the G1 styled head. After popping it on, i discovered, it was wayyy to tiny. she looked funny. So I went out this morning, and grabbed the regular deluxe Arcee. The head fit perfectly! not only that, I was able to use many of the peices from both the Target and the deluxe arcees. Right now, she's all being glue'd/epoxy'd together and drying.
I was able to hit up the hobby shop, got some real nice colors for her, including a metallic pink and irredecent/pearl white. I have (so far) 4 different weapons for her. And her alt mode (the comet looking thing...) is gonna have motorcycle wheels hinting out from the bottom.

above is the head that fit perfectly, ball joint and all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a sampling of works in progress

This past weekend, I finished this beauty. here's a sneak peak. I heard about this stuff called Alclad over at the seibertron boards. It's a long process to get it's finish right, but well worth it. Jazz finally with a chrome finish!
With this peice and the others below (and even more) I should have these up online within a week I am SWAMPED between freelance work and my work right now, most have been sitting on a shelf, ready for their photo shoots.

In the meantime, here are some other 'sneak preview' shots of Decepticons : "Final Stand" Megatron and Skorponok